Looking for a way to sleep better, have more energy and lean down in the process?  

I can help!

I am a cleanse coach for people with an incredible product that I stumbled across this winter.  Edith Rozsa, one of my friends from my World Cup Skiing years, introduced me to these systems. She told me about her husband Al who did a 30 day cleanse and set a goal of loosing 20 lbs which would bring him back to his wedding day weight.  The results that he had were amazing!  

I was pregnant this past winter and unable to do the cleanse, but drank the shakes regularly and loved them!  I asked my husband if he wanted to try it and he figured why not.  He wanted to lose about 10-15lbs. and just feel healthy again.  He started Isagenix and within a day or two the weight just started coming off.  Plus on top of that he said he felt great, he wasn't tired anymore in the more relying on coffee for that pick me up.  He ended up losing 18lbs. and dropped to his high school weight.  It was such a cool thing to watch!  We both still drink the shakes daily for breakfast because they are so nutritious and filling.  

Here is a video link for you to check out: Cleansed for Life... gives you a comprehensive view of the history of Nutrition Based Cleansing and explains exactly how the system would work if you wanted to try it!

If you are interested in the nutritional aspect of the products, click on and click on the Products section.  A 30 Day Program like that which my husband used delivers over two hundred and forty macro and micro nutrients, minerals and ionic trace minerals.  It is a complete food Program.  And these foods contribute to shifting the body away from acidity and toward alkalinity (this is very good news as we know diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment).  The Cleanse Drink particularly has outstanding anti-inflammatory benefit and the Ionix Supreme with eight rare botanical adaptogens is particularly effective as a whole body (at a cellular level) ‘de-stressor’.  

This is pretty cool stuff. Jason and I have decided to make it a part of our daily nutrition plan – keeps weight regulated, boosts energy, and keeps us healthy.

Let me know if you want to ‘get with the program’. I’ll set you up and the product will be to you in 3-4 business days.  

Please email me at for more details.